Ram produces many outstanding models. Many loyal Ram buyers can point to owning several different popular releases over the years. For true fans of the brand, the Ram 1500 Rebel TRX Concept represents something they can't wait to own. Unlike other Ram trucks, the Rebel TRX Concept is a special edition model. You won't need to look high and low to find a seller. At Freehold Dodge, Inc, this unique Ram 1500 stands proud in our showroom.

Massive Power

The engine under the hood generates an incredible amount of power. The power contributes to a performance not found in many pickup trucks. And yes, that power supports the ability to haul and tow cargo.

A Look of Power and Style

Ram went to great lengths to make sure the exterior styling stands out. Visually, the Rebel TRX Concept proves stunning and captivates attention. Expect this pickup truck to catch eyes and spin heads when it moves down the road. The model's frame displays all the precise care the designer put into making the truck something far different than a standard pickup.

An Off-Road Marvel

The performance capabilities support the pickup truck's ability to handle tough off-road terrain. The unique suspension, based on desert racing designs, further enhances the ability to travel outside of traditional roads.

The versatility of the Rebel TRX Concept ranks as another plus. The model doesn't only suit off-road excursions. Expect the vehicle to handle well on streets and highways in Freehold, NJ. And it will look good doing so.

A Grand Interior

Comfort reigns inside this Ram 1500, as the seats reflect exquisite handwork intended to make riding appealing. The interior's look also supports a comfortable trip. The spaciousness is immense. Significant attention to detail went into the decor design, too. The driver and passenger areas are luxurious.

The Unforgettable Test Drive

Take a test drive in Freehold, NJ that may prove more memorable than any previous one. Visit our dealership and take the Ram 1500 Rebel TRX Concept out for a ride.

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