The latest 2020 iteration of Dodge Durango isn't just any new SUV. It's one of the fastest, most powerful on the market, mid-size by segment but full-size on features. The auto research and valuation pros at Kelley Blue Book seem to agree. Just ask a recent expert reviewer.

They didn't mince words. Dodge Durango offers, for one, "bold, decisive" looks; it's "not easily mistaken," they followed up, for other new SUVs out there. Secondly, its engine options are the likes of which "no Subaru, Honda, or Toyota can match." The V8 engine the expert called distinctive, with "superb" acceleration. The 6.4-liter in the SRT trim (a KBB favorite), however, with its 475 horsepower and zero-to-60-mph of as little as 4.4 seconds -- this, they called "crazy fast," its handling "sharp," [with a] glorious-sounding exhaust note." Lay off the throttle, though, they qualified, and it's just as "quiet and comfortable" a ride. Even its max tow rating and ground clearance -- 8,600 pounds and 8.1 inches, respectively -- got an "admirable" mention.

The technology in 2020 Dodge Durango, the authority called a "phalanx," and we can see why they used the word for a close military formation. The SUV's armed with practically every bell and whistle a techie could hope to find. Its centerpiece and another Kelley Blue Book favorite: the available Uconnect 4 infotainment system, which it called "one of the most complete and easy-to-use around."

In short, the newest Dodge Durango represented "all the things families look for in an SUV," among them, unrivaled comfort -- the interior, they qualified, had an "air about it ... higher in quality than most rivals" -- enviable style, and a big slate of thoroughly modern safety features. In other words, it's no less than an experience.

Best of all, it's one you can get for yourself here at Freehold Dodge Inc. Take a look at the wide variety of trims we have to offer here on the Web, then head out to see us here on South Street at Route 9 in Freehold NJ. We'll take you for a test drive to show you just what the experts are talking about, and more!

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